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  • Sunstop Foil ( Aluminium Bubble ) Single Dan Double Di Surabaya

Sunstop Foil ( Aluminium Bubble ) Single Dan Double Di Surabaya

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18 / 12 / 2019
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CV Dua Putra Petir merupakan Distributor Supplier Baja WF di Surabaya, Jual Besi Beton SNI, Jual Kawat Bronjong, Jual Pipa Kotak Hollow, Jual Pagar Besi BRC, Jual Besi Wire Mesh di Indonesia dan lain-lain. Cek Produk Katalog kami sekarang juga, dan dapatkan Penawaran Harga Terbaik dari Marketing kami. Hubungi : 0821-3355-5559 (Call & WhatsApp).

Detail Sunstop Foil ( Aluminium Bubble ) Single Dan Double Di Surabaya

SUNSTOP FOIL PEREDAM PANAS SINAR MATAHARI TEKNOLOGI INSULASI SUNSTOP FOIL adalah teknologi insulasi yang terbaru dan merupakan pengganti insulasi model lama glasswol. Aman mudah digunakan hemat tahan api aman untuk lingkungan dan sehat SUNSTOP FOIL dapat membuat rumah lebih sejuk karena SUNSTOP FOIL dapat merintangi 3 jenis pemindahan panas, yaitu radiasi, konduksi, dan konfeksi. ukuran SUNSTOP FOIL : 1. SINGLE UK 1 X 30 METER / ROL 2. DOUBLE UK1, 2 X 30 METER / ROL REFLECTIVE INSULATION USA SUN STOCP FOIL ( ALUMUNIUM BUBBLE ) SINGLE UKURAN 1 X 30 MTR DOUBLE 1.20 X 30 MTR THE REVOLUTIONARY INSULATING MATERIAL THAT' S SAFE EFECTIVE , VERSATILE AND EASY TO INSTALL bubble heat insulation, thermal insulation, epe foam foil insulation specification bubble heat insulation alfoil/ bubble/ alfoil alfoil/ bubble/ white pe film alfoil/ bubble+ bubble/ alfoil AL/ woven cloth/ bubble/ alfoil AL/ woven cloth/ bubble/ woven cloth/ AL bubble style: diameter: 10MM, H: 2.5/ 3/ 4/ 6mm can be choosed diameter: 20mm, h: 7mm diameter: 6mm, h: 3mm Foam heat insulation alfoil/ EPE/ alfoil or vmpet/ epe/ vmpet AL/ woven cloth/ epe or xpe/ alfoil Foam style: thinkness and color: customized , fire retardant foam is offered Normal roll size: 1.2m x 40m / roll, various lengths : customized woven cloth and non-woven cloth heat insulation AL/ woven cloth/ AL or AL/ woven cloth AL/ Non-woven cloth or AL/ non-woven cloth/ Al Product Benefits 1. No odor and toxicity, environmentally-friendly 2. Light, soft, dust free, fire retardant and easy to install 3. Provides more uniform temperatures throughout the space, There is less temperature gradient both vertically( between ankle height and head height) and horizontally from exterior walls, ceilings and widows to the interior walls, thus producing a more comfortable occupant environment when outside temperatures are extremely cold or hot . 4. Has minimal recurring expense , Unlike heating and cooling equipment, insulation is permanent 5. Many forms of thermal insulations also absorb noise and vibration Guidelines for all sun stop-foil insulation 1. Sun stop foil will not cure existing problems .Leaking roofs, rot or mold situations or other moisture or structural problems should be corrected before insulation 2, Always turn off all electricity in the area when installing sun stop foil We are 100% manufacturer, high quality, competitive price.We are always glad to get your more creative idea to make our product better and more versatile STAR SUN STOP / REFLECTIVE BUBBLE FOIL HEAT INSULATION Our Sun Stop / Reflective Bubble Foil heat insulation for construction is a brand new environment-friendly heat insulation product manufactured of polyethylene bubble sheet faced with aluminum foil on the two sides. 
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